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Nightscape Course - “Fantastic Street of the Sea and Lights”

Gwangalli Beach (Gwangalli Beach and Art Museum)
Gwangalli Beach (Gwangalli Beach and Art Museum) Read more

An open air museum in Gwangalli in Busan. It is an outdoor museum based on a new concept that was established around Gwangalli Beach as part of a night landscape light project in Gwangalli in Busan. It permanently exhibits 6 artworks made on the theme of ‘lights’ and ‘video’ by world-renowned artists including the late Nam-jun Baek, a video artist who produced ‘Digitation,’ and displays them along with landscape lights every night.

  • Operating hours From the time of sunset to midnight
Gwangalli Beach (Gwangandaegyo Bridge)
Gwangalli Beach (Gwangandaegyo Bridge) Read more

It is adored by many people in connection to tourist attractions as it offers a grand sight to citizens distressed from daily life as well as tourists visiting Busan in harmony with surrounding natural tourist resources during the day and provides nightscape of romance and rest at night.

Gwangalli Beach (Namcheon Waterside Park)
Gwangalli Beach (Namcheon Waterside Park) Read more

It is emerging as a hot place against the backdrop of Propose of Love Zone and night moving project lighting and boasts of beautiful nightscape along with Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

  • Address 361, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu
  • Transportation Take Subway Lines No. 2 and 3 and get off at Suyeong Station before getting out through Exit No. 2 and walking for 10 minutes
Waterside Park
Waterside Park Read more

It is the Korea’s first waterside park that combines the sea and rest area covering 33,000 m2 (543 meters in length and 60 meters in width), and the nightscape of Gwangandaegyo Bridge appreciated along with the sound of the sea looks fantastic.

  • Address 361, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu
  • Transportation 300 meters toward the coastal area from Jinro Beach Apartment that is 170 meters away from Millak-dong Bus Stop
Mount Geumryeon Observatory
Mount Geumryeon Observatory Read more

As roads are well paved around the summit of Mount Geumryeon making it possible for passenger cars to gain an easy access, visitors can climb the mountain. Nightscape viewed from the summit of Mount Geumryeon that covers about 50% of the entire Busan area can be said to be one of the best scenes in harmony with lightings of Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

  • Address 156, Mount Hwangryeong, Suyeong-gu (Gwangan-dong)
Suyeong Riverside Way
Suyeong Riverside Way Read more

Suyeong River (Boundary of Songjeong-ri, Cheolma-myeon, 1288 beonji, Dugu-dong, Geumjeong-gu (starting point) ∼ Suyeong Bridge No.1, 339 beonji, Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu (end point)) indicated as Sacheon in Dongguk Yeoji Seungram and Dongraebuji is known to be the second longest river in Busan following Nakdong River, and it is also known to be quite wide to boast of the Busan’s largest basin flatland and a large delta in the downstream due to massive inflow of earth and sand.

  • Address 1km away in the direction of Haeundae along Suyeong-ro (Local Road No. 3) from Suyeong Crossroads