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  • Introduction of Suyeong
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A beautiful masterpiece city where all Suyeong residents feel happiness

Suyeong-gu is located in the south of Mount Geumryeon in the southeastern Busan Metropolitan City and 7.8km to 12km away from the downtown area. As for its surrounding areas, it borders with four autonomous districts such as Haeundae-gu in the east, Dongrae-gu in the north, Yeonje-gu in the west and Nam-gu in the South.

Subway Line No.2 passes through the area, and traffic system connecting the downtown area to the peripheral area is well organized centering on Suyeong Crossroads.
As it borders with the coastal area in the south where Gwangalli Beach, Gwangandaegyo Bridge and Millak Waterside Park are located, it doubles as a maritime tourist attraction.

It is a temperate climate region with seasonal wind, and there is small temperature difference between the winter and the summer due to influences of oceanic climate and has four distinct seasons. As it has milder climate than other regions, it is considered to be appropriate to everyday life in terms of weather conditions.

Longitudinal and latitudinal location

Classification (East, West, South, North), longitude, latitude position, extension distance (km)
Distinction Longitudinal and latitudinal location Extension distance (㎞)
Place East longitude North latitude
Eastern end 110, Millak-dong 129°08′08″ 35°09′14″ East-West 3.60
Western end San 39, Gwangan-dong 129°05′40″ 35°09′31″
Southern end 567, Namcheon-dong 129°06′49″ 35°07′59″ South-North 5.31
Northern end 1082, Mangmi-dong 129°06′53″ 35°11′01″